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I have seen a number of “bloggers” causing trouble on Twitter lately. I was a victim of their persistent trolling. I’m going to be writing in the future about these particular people and groups. Many of these conservatives trolls have criminal records. Domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, being a repeat offender. Please keep in mind that these same people pledge that they are devout Christians that follow the will of their God.

These people on Twitter are not interested about the Kaitlyn Hunt case – a local case about a 18 year old senior dating a 14 year old freshman.  The estimated difference in their ages is about 3½ years. Kaitlyn Hunt was in varsity sports where she meet “C. Smith”.  A relationship ensued.  Just as on a daily basis, many relationships blossom and then die, off and on, in high school. I think the conservatives here in town, including “C Smith’s” mother held the same rage as the parents had. “My daughter will not become a lesbian”.  Paraphrased that.

Fast forwarding the the #ABC2020 interview was a real wide opener for me.  If you really feel your daughter was subjected to abuse, you would be able to look at the camera and say how you feel. That fake cry when the text were mentioned did no justice. It made you look deceitful. It was very telling what the Sheriff said as well “this is a religious community and when these liberal activities happen it becomes talk of the town” (paraphrased that as well). I disagree that calling a particular behavior (being a lesbian) isn’t a liberal behavior – it’s human behavior.

What we have are bigoted, disgusting people that preach those who do not conform to them shall go to hell. Proved what I thought from the very beginning. The parents of the “victim” were upset that her daughter was dating another female student – and they used the laws to express their hatred and rage. And about those text. I was shocked when Jeremy Shepherd of the Indian River County Sheriffs Department, the primary detective on the case didn’t know who initiated the contact when he was on the stand, further more, where were the Smith’s while these text were going on and on and on? Why were they not able to keep such a close on on her? If there was a current court case going on at this magnitude, I would have always kept a close eye on my child. The Smith’s leave a nasty taste of deceit and villainy.

I think we can all agree Kaitlyn Hunt violated the law, but a misdemeanor is all that would have been required. Instead, it went on further. They, the Smith’s,  took it further to promote their religious laws on others. Their own version of persecution where the law is their weapon that denounces the act of homosexuality with the utmost ferocity.

Indian River County has:

  • 44,449 REPUBLICANS
  • 27,111 DEMOCRATS

I’m not surprised by this nor the words that have been said on Twitter. These are the same people who are upset their precious gem Romney didn’t win the White House. These people are not patriots. They are faketriots and fell overboard into the “Stupidity Sea”.

I’m very glad that Kaitlyn Hunt did not apologize to the victims family. They are religious nut-jobs [zealots] that have done nothing but attempt to ruin Kaitlyn Hunt’s life and indirectly disrupting their daughters life. They are despicable human beings and they do not represent Lord Jesus or anything their religion represents.

I wish the best for both young ladies and to both your futures. May a new year bring new beginnings for you both.