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I have a few bones to pick with these congressional obstructionist on the Hill. America had an election and unfortunately, thanks to your gerrymandering your districts, you maintained majority in the house. I have to say though, that I think your party [Republican] are full of loose cannons. Who am I talking to? I’m speaking to the one and only House Speaker John Boehner, who won’t even attempt to pass a clean CR. Instead, they keep adding things to the budget. He’s been outspoken by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and other crazy #TeaParty garbage.

Of course the bills they are voting for must pass, such as providing benefits to our fallen heroes ability for their families to relieve payment for their sacrifice, but we shouldn’t be trying to fix this by funding one thing without funding another. WIC in North Carolina is running out of funds due to this shutdown, leaving many women and their children with out the much needed nutrients for their children.

NASAKennedy Space Center also got furloughed. I have to say about the people who work at NASA, not once have I read people ready to get back to work even if they’re not paid. Not only does this information tell me that your jobs are fun, but you have projects that you are working on that you do not want to delay. It’s also a fact that many NASA employees actually work from home, not because they sit on their asses, but because they communicate and I’m sure have their required software in their possession to carry on with their duties. Congressman Bill Posey of Rockledge voted for this #GOPShutdown and it’s been causing havoc all over the place. Thankfully they are┬áSOME staff watching these multi-billion dollar machines we have flying out there.

And If I hear that Voyager I and Voyager II were affected – I’ll be out there holding signs making sure you loose your seat Congressman Bill Posey.

The grown men and woman we elect need to start acting like representatives and not tools that get whipped by the lobbyist.

AND FURTHER MORE: Stop saying in your speeches “the American people”. You need to worry about the people who elected you, because your views are not mine and I will remain an American.



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